• How to heat Guangdong seamless hot press

    Heating method of seamless hot press: mainly related to temperature selection, technical control and product quality. Traditional heating methods: steam heating and electric heating are usually used. Steam heating has some problems, such as uneven plate temperature, while electric heating has the characteristics of large power consumption and working cost. Later, there were heat transfer oil heating methods. This heating method has high heat capacity, uniform temperature and small heat loss, so it can reduce production cost and achieve satisfactory hot pressing effect. Seamless hot press in the hot plate, is also a very important part of its function, we can from several aspects


  • Cleaning method of Guangdong seamless hot press production line

    Before cleaning the production line of veneer hot press, the staff should be ready to clean things and seal the power supply of the equipment together. The hot pressing plate surface also needs to be cleaned, which will also extend its service life. When cleaning, it is necessary to check the oil filling part of the equipment in time to see if there is any oil leakage. Every day before production also want to check veneer hot press production line has no abnormal situation. The amount of water vapor in compressed air is determined by the temperature of compressed air: in the case of insisting that the pressure of compressed air is basically unchanged, the temperature of compressed air can reduce the content of water vapor in compressed air, and the excess water vapor will condense into liquid. Cold dryer(


  • Main structure of Guangdong seamless hot press

    In the hydraulic oil system of veneer hot press, the current trend is that more and more oil is used as the medium, because it is more convenient to operate and complete automatic control, and its various control elements are standardized and serialized, providing convenience. In the multi-layer press, the combination of pressure storage tank and pump is used more and more recently to achieve higher closing speed. In terms of heating system, steam heating and electric heating are still commonly used in various countries. The benefit of veneer hot press is high heat capacity, uniform temperature, small heat load, easy to get higher temperature, and pipeline pressure is greatly reduced, less heat loss, etc., so that the production cost is reduced


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