• What are the functions of Guangdong seamless hot press cushion

    With the rapid development of China's economy, wood-based panel has also completed a huge leap, and the key equipment to complete wood-based panel production skills is hot press. Hot press particleboard, plywood category widely used, today and we discuss the use of hot press cushion. Cushion is generally required in the process of pressing laminate flooring, particleboard, melamine veneer, wooden door and furniture by hot press. In the operation combination of hot press, the buffer pad is clamped between the hot pressing plate and the template. Its primary function is to make the operation pressure and temperature of the hot pressing plate transfer evenly, and make the adhesion between the paper veneer and the substrate more compact, uniform and flat


  • Causes of hot pressing plate deformation of Jiangmen seamless hot press

    Jiangmen seamless hot press when the fire pressure, due to the dual effect of temperature and pressure, then the hot plate will present some cracks, deformation and other phenomena, sometimes due to uneven temperature caused by the limit of the rough plate after sanding, there will be some white spots, some places are soft, hard layer thickness uneven phenomenon, so that the product quality is greatly affected. Jiangmen seamless hot press hot plate deformation is mostly transverse and longitudinal deformation, the reasons are generally: 1, in the hot press heating caused by uneven heating, preheating time temperature is too high, general deformation is easy to occur in the cold start preheating.   2


  • Seamless hot press manufacturers tell you how to clean hot press

    We all know the function of the hot press, it can be widely used, more importantly, it can help us realistically, in order to better use it, we need to sort it in time, the correct cleaning can extend the life of the equipment, what is the correct cleaning method? The daily cleaning of the hot press is very important. The first thing is to remove the oil dirt, and then use the fire oil to remove the oil. There is also the need to clean its various parts. The parts should be washed in order. The first part should be washed, and then the parts should be washed. In the process of cleaning, the various parts can not be stacked after the cleaning


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